2006 - 2012 this blog now idle, unlike its owner who is part of yet another start-up



The Slade Cooperation.2011-2012 A damn useful strategic resource. Mainly myself, but a few chums help out on bigger projects. International scope. We add value unlocking insights. Specialist Alcohol marketing knowledge. Deep understanding of the luxury shopper. Emerging trends in Tech use and adoption. All wrapped up with the latest Shopper Marketing techniques 

But if that doesnt float your boat I will also talk for food, and about, food. I am behind a movement to champion food and drink producers in London. See our main blog; Food from London or follow our Twitter feed @foodfromlondon




The Slade Cooperation.

I can talk about the great ways brands connect with audiences. I talk about the changing world, I talk about agencies, In fact if beer is envolved I can talk about just about anything. (Like these)

I have helped agencies refocus, Reorganised creative departments, I've offered ways out of internal politics or simply run appraisals. After 20 odd years in the game I've got a neat line in anecdotes, not least how to avoid internal fraud (see; the man who lost millions)

That aside i might impress you with my anorak standard Clash trivia.


** = AKA Professor Piehead named after the Viz character of the same name. This was during my first stint at Saatchi's. due to a number of 'incidents' in my office at the time (1990 we've all grown up since then), when things broke, fireworks were actually only involved once. The tattoo? not piehead, but the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland, that's from my clubbing days and is an altogether longer story.