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Tweet of the day

I have been looking at Twitter measurment tools for a client today. Found this eyecatching tweet via the People Browser platform, blending the weeks biggest storys into one

"..If you are a celebrity who has not died yet, please say something in support of the people of Iran.."

It goes without saying the scale of the pain, the people of Iran are going through, would never have been possible to convey without a platform like Twitter.

Hugley useful resource on Twitter use by the way on Jeremiah Owyangs blog web-strategist.com. Also soon to be published book Twitterville by Shel Israel.


Linkedin new apps

While Twitter appears to have gone from mainstream to overblown in a little over 30 days, Linkedin marches on with more and more add-ons & apps. Maybe its the lack of guilt, Which Facebook always carried with it.

New Google add-on Latitude is really cool and looks like it links with all the right platforms, love the privacy statements that you can set fictitious locations (Google suggests 'Victoria Falls' -WTF??) so your love ones needn't know all your movements 24/7. Neat! fantastic location based software that you use to tell people where you are not, genius.