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The colour of fandom

Just in case you needed reminding, there are way too many Man U fans in London! -great bit of big data collation by Oxford Internet Institute. Taking Twitter info and mapping by postcode. Only works for the Premiership at the moment so no word on my fellow Sheffield Wednesday supporters, well, apart from Andrew at DDB.


..and so all good things must come to an end, time to start writing your awards entry chaps


Holy cow, that's a good idea.

It's not often that you come across something really new that works straight out of the box. But for the last 48hrs Old Spice have been using a social media combo (Twitter trends/Facebook/YouTube) to communicate directly with individuals on the web. A genius extension of an existing viral/TV creative. The  story cropped up in mainstream and geek media almost immediately. W+K Portland obviously put a huge amount of effect into mounting this stunt, but boy does it look like it has paid back. (including it would appear a marriage offer)


Linkedin new apps

While Twitter appears to have gone from mainstream to overblown in a little over 30 days, Linkedin marches on with more and more add-ons & apps. Maybe its the lack of guilt, Which Facebook always carried with it.

New Google add-on Latitude is really cool and looks like it links with all the right platforms, love the privacy statements that you can set fictitious locations (Google suggests 'Victoria Falls' -WTF??) so your love ones needn't know all your movements 24/7. Neat! fantastic location based software that you use to tell people where you are not, genius.