What is it like to buy spirits in Sainsbury's?

A 2010 look at spirit shoppers in Sainbury's, I pointed out the need for a brave approach to spreading shopper triggers out and around store, using both Wi-Fi and ontrade activity. Tesco have this month announced they will be rolling out free Wi-Fi across its stores. Also the recent award winning Tesco work in Korea that used QR code shopping in the Metro is a great example of multi-point shopper marketing

Spirit_Shoppers_in_Sainbury's_v2.pptx Download this file


Shopper trends in travel retail (edit)


Posterous: great platform

Been playing around with the blogging platform: Posterous. very easy to use. imports the contents of this blog and lays out all fine. Squarespace is a very detailed service that I ma only really using a small amount of, but Posterous is actually (as a free service) just a tad too limited for what I want to do with it


July will be all about ZMOT thinking

Well actually there is a whole bunch of stuff this month to ponder, from Google+ to 'Networks of the Unacquanited' and 'data is the new oil' but in terms of agency activity here at Saatchi and our new chums at Google its all about ZMOT

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"...Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Today we're all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase. At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth—or simply ZMOT...."


London capitol of the world

If you like stats this is an excellent read, (no honest, it is)  but also a great insight into future trends.

MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities:
Cross-Border Travel and Expenditures 2Q 2011
Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Ph.D.
Global Economic Advisor, MasterCard Worldwide

London remains the global capital. This based not only on visitor numbers and average spend, but that its visitors come from the most diverse cities of origin.

Key trend is how American cities are getting less and less relevant on the global stage, none make it into the top 20 this year. Only New Yorks staggering average visitor spend of $2,671 (my last bar bill may of helped with this) make any headlines within the report.

Key global  growth cities for 2012 with all factors considered are Istanbul and Kuala Lumper. In the long term, Istanbul's key rival in the region may be the newly democratic Tunisia as it has similar workforce, transport & economic attributes

Big big sign on the horizon however is China, New regulations mean Chinese nationals can now travel to places like duty free Hainan Island (savings of about 30% on luxury goods) Predictions show that by 2014 China will be the worlds biggest consumer of luxury goods

Remember we work in the worlds best city.  People want to come here from just about every county across the globe. Once here more want to work, spend & invest than in any other city in the world. Wants more it's Friday and the sun's out

http://bit.ly/iTK1KA (news bit on report)



They've got search nailed, now time for the banking system

Google Wallet turns your phone into a wallet.



Begins field test today in the US, full roll out later in the year. Launch is on Android but can't see it not coming to the iPhone at some point.

Google Wallet is a cashless system (NFC) using a 'tap' technique similar to an Oyster card. Launch announcements covered its use as a store loyalty card. Store voucher and cashless payments

Questions at the launch centred on the data privacy issues (held by each of the stores own systems) and why you still need to sign, Google says this is just piece of mind for the shops. Big question of course what happens if you lose your phone (Mathew) Google Wallet uses a similar system to the Apple 'wipe my phone' remote control via a laptop

This is a video of retail partners talking about why they have signed up to the system = http://bit.ly/jeI4Vd

This is a link to the official press release = http://bit.ly/ltkZ3h

If you are one of those worried about Google taking over, do note they are NOT taking any revenue from the payment side of the system just the deals & voucher side, so pretty soon they will be able to undercut credit card payment systems in all stores............be scared

Small note for students of design, the logo for Google Wallet is strikingly similar to Google Wave the bonkers collaboration tool they launched a few years ago that died shortly after because know one could work out what to do with it.

You can also see this on my other blog = http://philipslade.posterous.com, why have I got two blogs? can't deceide on formats so went for both, content almost the same on both -ish


Boxpark cool use of shipping containers


Re-booting empty retail space

Empty retail space is the current look for most high streets. Pop-up shops can only fill so many vacant lets. I really like this new idea from RIBA. Multiple Installations combined into a kind of indoor sculpture park -but viewed from the pavement. True this one is not really taking on the empty spaces exclusively. But it did make me think about what would you do if you did co-ordinate all of a shopping centers empty lets into a single piece of shopper engagement

http://bit.ly/kDEVzb - Londonist.com

http://bit.ly/me9jZi - RIBA / Regent Street Project

also seen on http://philipslade.posterous.com duplicate but easyier to use (in a rush) platform


This is very neat, daily/weekly newspaper made from your Twitter feed


Win a job working at SaatchiX

At Saatchi & Saatchi X we’re giving grads the chance of a job.


All you have to do is tell us WHY you should have a job here - in 30 seconds...in a lift.

On April 8th, show up, bring your CV, take a number, join the queue and get ready to pitch to our leadership team in the lift at 80 Charlotte Street, London.

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For the shortlisted candidates there’s boot camp and summer placements; then one of you will walk away with a job for at least a year (and a rather impressive story to tell your mates).


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