Planners -look up!

Good thoughts from Sarah Newman chair of the APG calling for more 'Noisy thinking' the key point being the most powerful work from planners in 2011 was via collabortion and cross displine (and agency) teams.

"We suffer not just from ignorance of the future, but from a limited capacity to imagine what the future might be," John Kay said in Obliquity.

Much as any tourist to London is told 'Look up' the best of this amazing city is above head height, so with planners work, so much is just above/outside the normal round of tasks. We are moving however slowly away from the generation of Google based planning and into a more analogue/digital split view of an activated world.

There are a whole bunch of skilled/informed souls outside of normal agency life that planners must have relationships with from Psychologists to Carers

"Planning is an exciting discipline in an exciting world. But planning needs to stop talking brilliantly to itself and start talking to a broader audience ... and be a more dynamic, high-profile and appreciated agent for change in the agency and marketing worlds." Adam Morgan


New generation instore deals, Asile50

Frankly, life is way to short for cutting out coupons and the like, but everyone loves a discount. A bunch of such like-minded souls have come up with a solution; Asile50

"..Aisle50 have partnered with supermarket chain Lowes Foods, utilizing their existing customer loyalty card. Customers are alerted with the deal of the day by email — usually around 50 percent of the normal price — and then purchase the item at that discounted rate online via Aisle50. The credit for that item is automatically loaded on to the customer’s Lowes Fresh Rewards card which, when swiped at the checkout in-store, removes the item wholly from the bill..."


Work in the Brazilian drugs squad? bored? Try this 

Fabio Lopez’s (see his Flickr page) would appear to not only be a crime fighting cop, but closet typographer. Ace spot by via Brainpickings


Like the Coke happyness machine without the humour. Nokia do a gift vending machine

Ok so there is a whole bunch more to it than a simple give away, BUT on the surface that is what it comes across as - anyway here is Nokia to explain more


Looks like it's the over 50's who are driving social media growth on mobile devices

New report from Nielsen (HERE) looks at social media trends, within this report are some neat insights about the over 50's. The rather forgotten, by most brands, but hugely significant sector (UK 50% of pop over 50 by end of 2011) Really important to understand the emotional outlook of a group who may be physically old but display spending patterns more akin to teenagers. Budget aware but prone to irrational urges to satisfy pleasure. I did a briefing paper on them late last year, specifically looking at drinking habits.

MatureMarketNov10.pdf Download this file




Images of China

I have been spending so much time studying Chinese mobile trends and online stats its easy to forget the actual country and its real world amazingness. Fantastic views of China in this slideshow collection, a mixture of AP, Reuters & Getty, first published in The Atlantic in May this year.




We all want to be loved, its not the same as being 'liked'

Tens of thousands of Facebook likes are not the same as a handful of customers who personally recommend your brand.

We feel the warmth of human endeavour in giving smart advice, a joy to see one of my favorite brands (LEGO) focusing on this above all else

The CEO of LEGO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp was interviewed after presenting really positive financial results for 2010/1. He was asked

“..what market share do you aim for worldwide, and where should the growth come from?”

Jørgen answered: “I have no specific market share goals for LEGO. We are measuring our success on customers satisfaction and on how many recommend LEGO products to others – so our growth and market share are just a result of this strategy.”


Blind panic or confused bewilderment? how you shop in Ikea


Good set of China digital stats

A lot of stats and claims about the internet in China have to be taken with a pinch of salt. But there are a couple of reports from Burston Marsteller recently that do a good job or summarising current activity. Twitterisque microblogs look a much bigger deal this year as they cope better with low bandwidths: also the growth of brand social media activity seems to be driving a more interactive discussion format.

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More    www.Burson-Marsteller.Asia


Worried your Eco car makes you feel impotent? Cadillac have just the car for you

Just when you thought the American car industry finally got the modern world they build the Cadillac Ciel, less a car more a barge, it really is huge, but yet it is sooooo wrong it just has to be right. -and the doors are fantastically impractical you just want them (but not in a Tesco carpark!) I mean in the days of and if you are really going to own your own car I think you should go balls out and get this. Nothing says I own the road like having a car that covers ALL of it! I would love to see this try and get through central London. The promo film features two young couples weekending in wine country, you do feel the cars more natural habitat would however be in old skool rap videos. Worth noting as well that in the film there appears to not only be no roof or covering but also no seatbelts - lets face it, if you are aiming on annoying the European eco's, you might as well really go for it!

WSJ pics of the whale, sorry Ciel here : also have pics and few good points about design studies gone mad: