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Use Your Local.com

"..we're going down the pub.." -or rather your post is.

Not that I need anymore reasons to spend time in bars, but this is a really neat idea.
Use Your Local.com
Rather than spend Saturday morning's queuing up at the Post Office to collect parcels that have been delivered while you are at work. Get them sent to your local pub, pick up on way home, stop for a quick drink to thank the landlord, genius! Nobel prize's have been given for less.

The scheme is backed by Scottish & Newcastle (now part of the Heineken group) appears to have been thought as a way of giving country pubs another offer, to me the big pull is for urban pubs/bars, As I have ranted about before the parcel delivery service is just out of wack with modern work patterns. The Saturday queue at the Clapham Post Office is daunting if you don't arrive by 8 a.m. having the option of going to the pub instead, now that is an advancement for mankind.

(already posted on allthe7thfloors.blogspot.com)

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