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Youporn takes a festive (f)tumble

Oh the joys of analytics! while the new Googletrends has invaluable use for measuring effectiveness of your campaign it also is a fab way of livening up a dull Wednesday.

Witness this screen shot showing an alarming drop in Youporn visitors over the Christmas holiday - The workers of the world (well loads of: Americas, Germans, Italians and a few Brits) obviously prefer there porn during office hours rather than interrupting carols round the log fire.
Note also the dip at Easter and 'schools effect' in the first two weeks of September.

A side note is that youporn** appears to be one of the few web2.0 adult sites - notwithstanding its gratuitous use of reflections.
(**so I am told by my hard working researchers on the subject- Craig & Nick from AW Media )

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