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Skipping zone 1 for a Boris bike instead

The tube is not only hot, sweaty and too crowded to get on. It also costs loads. A very smart chap (Oliver O'Brien) has clearly thought the same and drawn this map of London without the (expensive) Zone 1 tube stations. Boris bike the last mile or so and save. As most people discover on strike days its actually not that far to walk either

"..Oliver O’Brien, a researcher and software developer at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), an interdisciplinary research group at UCL in London. I’m part of the GENeSIS team, investigating and implementing new ways to visualise spatial data, including working with MapTube.

In the past I’ve analysed educational geodemographics, UK census data (see CensusProfiler) and London travel flows. I studied an MSc in GIS at City University London, before joining UCL’s Geography Department in 2008 and then moving to CASA..."

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