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Better than Car Wars


Picture 2.png

Coming in very late from work, whole house gone to bed, what do you do? bumble about and turn on the TV? But its always 'Car Wars/Police Stop/Action Cops/Rail Cop/Cheapest programming we could find inc' however much you get delight from watching the citizens of Reading championing chav values you are left with a feeling not unlike watching cheap porn.

But no fear, calming images of the most amazing web 2.0 style are to be found here and here. (and no its not porn, that's sooo old school web)

The first is an amazing 'how did they do that' live animation of Amazon's customers purchasing patterns

The other is just one of the most beautiful uses of photography and the web I have seen. Well apart from Flickr of course.

Final point about late arrivals, why has the Fish drunk all the cold beer?


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