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Spent the weekend with my mum in Devon doing the pre-Christmas thing. A number of observations.

1. As Jeremy Clarkson pointed out this weekend in the Sunday Times. Devon is in reality 4 light years away by car

2. The train puts you in very close proximity to your fellow man

3. There really is nothing worth eating on the trolley wheeled up and down the train

4. Jakes patience at being couped up in a crowded carriage runs out 30 miles short of Exeter.

5. Log fires are very cool

6. Chopping logs/splitting sticks is actually very therapeutic

7. It rains in Devon (a lot

8. Village halls the world over all smell the same. A bit like the inside of a new shoe.

9. Teasing cats keep children amused for hours

10. The staff at Avis Exeter are total stars. 

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