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Army Museum


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Jake and myself spent remembrance Sunday at the strangely deserted Army museum in Chelsea. All a bit weird wondering around on your own. Lots to play with and models to look at. On the top floor is an amazing exhibition about the British in Afghanistan from 1860 onwards. worth the trip to see this alone.

Our solitude ended when we hit the kids zone on the ground floor and entered a cacophony of an under fives birthday party. Parents all looked locals, red cords and tweed for him and Borden for the women. Despite the noise this is a great (free and staffed) play area walking distance from the Kings Road.


The Hugo Boss shop in Sloane Square was a lot better than I expected. F1 cars hung on walls are hardly new but the Mclaren really is
stunning and more than made up for the rather unemotional range of clothes.


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