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Journey to work


I have had a number of different commutes these last few years but my current journey each mourning is the best so far. Clapham Common to Russell Square. (by bike) Its fast and rather fun (you get to blast over Waterloo bridge and into the Kingsway tunnel, no cameras here -yet! but a few secrets in its far end. It also passes some cracking landmarks. So in a completely anoracky way I have started to photograph all the landmarks on this short trip. This is actually harder than it sounds as almost the whole distance is marked as a red route, which makes stopping to take pics a challenge. It will all be posted up on either Flickr or the new one Riya when complete. highlights here for the moment. The best view is as you roar over Waterloo bridge. Sun shimming off the glass buildings of the city on the way to work. the fantastic London Eye illuminated (red tonight) on the way home. As an added bonus to the unwary rider the route comes with a higher than average number of bendy buses and post office vans.

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