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Pubs & Clare's Accessories

786072-499170-thumbnail.jpg     786072-499175-thumbnail.jpg   An observation about town planning, there ain't enough branches of Clare's Accessories next to decent pubs. Alice and her friends wanted me to go shopping with them (i.e. bring my wallet) what could have been a grime couple of hours turned out just fine when I found The Goat (empty during the day, rammed at night) just round the corner from Claphams branch of teenage temptation CA. So while Alice got over excited with stick-on glitter, I got stuck into a book and a pint. As a way of hiding from household chores this is a winner, I shall be offering to take Alice shopping again.

The book was the freebie '20 years of the Independent' surprisingly good and thought provoking. Michael Fathers eyewitness account of the Tiananmen Square massacre and Martin Jacques comments in 1995 on Labours new leader Tony Blair stand out. The former because its amazing how fast we have 'forgiven' China its crimes. The latter because you could pretty much swop Blair for Cameron and run the same piece today.

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