This site ran from 2006 till running out of steam in 2013. 

In truth I'd got a bit bored blogging so stopped this. Started another elsewhere called


'I'm interested in creating skilled dangerous minds'

Neville Brody. Dean. Royal College of Art. 2012


Simple is best. 

I do like a simple chart. This from  on Smart Insights pretty much does in one page what others take a whole deck to explain.

The caption for this chart is; "..It’s almost a year ago since we created our blueprint for content marketing infographic – and with so much conversation now around the converging of digital and ‘off-line’ media, the proliferation of mobile and the increasing popularity of marketers talking about paid, owned and earned media we wanted to update our blueprint for 2013.."


Why did you call your agency 'Wibble Fish' ?

A very handy, cut out and keep guide to agency names, By Rob & Joe, seen at The Inspiration Room. This chart should be first port of call for any start-up. Best advice, take a really, really long step back before you choose.

My best was 'Hicklin Slade & Partners' sounded solid even when there was only 3 of us in my front room, but even better when there was 90 of us in an office opposite Nike Town. My worst? 'Passion' not least because there are a ton of creative agencies called similar AND a stack of porn suppliers, still, kept our bank amused when we named the account; Give me passion, as our clients finance departments had to make all references to what sounded like an escort service!


Who'd have thought? geeks in the White House.


Welcome to Wonderland

There is something of a mini industry in publishing pictures of abandoned buildings, but this is really something new, an rip=off version of Disneyland abandoned half way through construction


The colour of fandom

Just in case you needed reminding, there are way too many Man U fans in London! -great bit of big data collation by Oxford Internet Institute. Taking Twitter info and mapping by postcode. Only works for the Premiership at the moment so no word on my fellow Sheffield Wednesday supporters, well, apart from Andrew at DDB.


Post Linkedin, the battle for your professional profile.

Choice can be a cruel option. A few years ago an online professional profile meant Linkedin. Now due to the success of the latter we have loads of options. But do you go for one of the flasher new boys or stick with the increasingly spamy Linkedin? tough call, because most peps recruiting/booking gigs go to Linkedin as first port of call.

I have been trying out a couple of the new ones recently. Vizify looks great and is a doddle to set up. Maybe a bit too style over content, but I do like the look of it. Upmo is more Linkedin-a-like currently a bit buggy and some features are in 'coming soon' mode. It does feature a 'score'  number, but a bit like Klout its debatable as to how valuable that may be.


Another year review

There must be gazillions of these across the web by now, Google and the BBC's even making two week stands in the viral charts.


Data nerd alert

This is just awesome. ALL the news broadcasts of 30 top news gathers since 2009 in one place. Fully searcable with instant results. Shows what is being said (and NOT said) about key subjects across the world.

"..The Internet Archive, a giant aggregator and digitizer of data, now includes all the television news produced in the last three years by 20 different channels. The collection includes more than 1000 news series that have generated more than 350,000 separate programs..."

Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, told TheNew York Times that his company, based in Richmond, CA, “wants to collect all the books, music and video that has ever been produced by humans.”